Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to White Wake Up!

Thanks for visiting.  This blog concerns the very real issues which people of European descent face in today's world, and attempts to reveal the reasons those issues exist.

Some of the important issues here:
  • The realities of racial differences
  • Anti-White myths taught and reinforced by the media
  • The changing condition of White countries throughout recent history
  • Why multiracialism does not work, and - to a lesser degree - multiculturalism (not mutually exclusive)
  • Non-White immigration into countries which are ancestral to Whites or which were built by Whites
  • Corruption and control of government within White countries
  • "This country is going down the tubes" -- But WHY? 

A note on political correctness or "PC":  This blog focuses on the defense of White people, their nations and cultures.  It is not in defense of "everyone," much to the chagrin of Marxist/globalist liberals.  This blog discards political correctness in favor of a concept that is increasingly harder to find today: the TRUTH.  Scary -- I know.  But you'll adjust.  White Wake Up is not about being against people of non-White races, but simply about defending our own.

The bottom line is that we only wish to have, keep and control our own nations and to determine our own destiny without foreign influence.  As it stands, our countries are heavily controlled and manipulated by non-Whites and, indeed, traitorous Whites who value money and power over their people and heritage.  Our people are brainwashed by the mass media and are controlled like marionettes, easily made to do whatever the "establishment" desires.

We have the right to live amongst our own people and only our own people if we so choose.  Ask yourself: "Why are only White countries celebrated as 'melting pots'?"